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Two Hot Reasons To Want To Fuck Right Now

Two hot reasons to want to fuck right now

These two lovely ladies are the Dellai Twins. I am not sure that they are actually twins – actually I am quite sure that they are NOT twins – but that doesn’t mean you cannot dream a little dream of filling them both with your cream. These "twins" are the sort of thing you can get really used to having to lay eyes on at Sn Babes. A free TGP with lots of erotic nude pics and hot hardcore porn scenes.

I once dated a girl who was like the busty twin. Well, the fake tits, busty twin anyway. Only my main squeeze didn’t have big tits. What she did have was a high on the top clit like this girl has. Her slit started like four inches up her mons and it used to love making a camel toe in just about anything she wore including a wet bathing suit.

Having such a high up on the mons pussy meant her clit was about an inch up even when standing which meant she could press up against something and get off just by moving her hips. Like if you were dancing.

Her entire pussy was shifted up so her pussy hole was very tight. It pinched your cock between the skin at the bottom and her pelvic bone at the top, which made your cock glide past her g-spot without even trying. Boy fucking her was awesome!

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